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Keeping power lines safe and clear

NETcon's Arborists are maintaining the minimum safe distances between power lines and trees.


Since 2014 NETcon has taken over the vegetation control around power lines in the Alpine Energy network and recruited a team of experienced vegetation controllers. Their main focus is to maintain the minimum safe distances between the power line and the tree.

The team also provides specialist technical advice and guidance in relation to the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003.

Trimming trees around power lines is an extremely hazardous undertaking and the Vegetation Team at NETcon are trained to the highest level of National Industry recognised qualifications and competency, and supported by global industry best practice procedures and equipment to mitigate risk and provide an effective client outcome. 

NETcon has a fleet of vehicles fitted out for all aspects of arboriculture designed for working in the vicinity of power lines. The vehicles are equipped with chainsaws, climbing and safety gear.