July 2019


The Tara Hills job in Waimate was an enormous project which after months of planning, and many challenges, began on a crisp July morning.

Here’s a snapshot of what it entailed.

  • 30 power poles replaced

  • 300 power poles individually climbed,  checked and tightened

  • 20 Arm changes

  • 21 Field staff working 7 days straight

  • 9 Planned outages to get the job done!


We were only 2 days off completion when the weather knocked us out...

The biggest highlight of the Tara hills job was zero harm to people or plant - this is a testament to the level of health and safety understanding our people have.


We find it challenging to keep our workforce busy and engaged all year round so it's a good exercise to move into the reciprocal staffing space.


The relationship that our team leaders have built with our neighbor's means we can continue to move forward and take on

bigger projects.


In turn, we grow as a company.


It was also a rare learning opportunity for our trainees to experience and understand the logistics and team spirit required to successfully carry out big projects.


We see no better way to illustrate to our trainees the importance of best practice and looking after one another in our industry. 


This was best demonstrated by the trainees actively taking care of the field staff by doing all the driving to and from the site.


It was also good for the trainees to see, first-hand, our highly experienced linesman and field staff in a busy, time-critical environment to get the job done - safely and swiftly.

Tony Scott.jpg

The onsite

presence of Team

Leader Les Richie and

Foreman Barry Miller

actively assisting staff in a practical tangible way

worked extremely well f

or team building and

enhance the performance

and success of the

Tara Hills job speaks

volumes about the

heart of NETcon.

Tony Scott

Distribution Planner



October 2019

The NETcon crew were out in force late October upgrading the Geraldine Substation.

This substation provides power to the township and surrounding rural area and as demand keeps growing for this region, its vital that the infrastructure is maintained, giving extra security to the power supply and in turn, keeping the power on.

This particular upgrade took a week with up to 10 technicians working on it.  It was able to be carried out without the town experiencing any power outages as a AMS generator was used.    



The NETcon team replacing air brake switches, HV fusing and insulators at the Geraldine substation.