What We Do

NETcon is an industry leader when it comes to operating and maintaining electricity networks in the South Canterbury region. We look after a dynamic network that covers the area between the Rangitata and Waitaki Rivers, from the coast inland to Mount Cook.

It’s an environment that often requires innovative thinking to meet some tough challenges, but we are an ambitious organisation with a focus on continuing to be the best in all we do!

We’re based in the spectacular town of Timaru, a truly beautiful part of the country, with seriously mint views of snow-capped mountains on one side and the scenic Caroline Bay on the other.

With pure dedication to providing superior service, clients can consistently expect a solid commitment to quality work, on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on being able to provide tailored solutions every time. 

Alpine Energy is one of NETcon’s major clients and our experienced technicians, line engineers and electricians provide the expertise required to operate and maintain Alpine's electrical distribution infrastructure, including a variety of essential plant and equipment. Our priority is to provide a safe and reliable electricity network through construction, maintenance and vegetation management services.

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Land Development

Electrical reticulation represents a critical part of any development. NETcon specialises in the design of the system; liaison with the local authorities; street lighting; underground or overhead reticulation - installation of power cables in conjunction with other utility services such as water; communications and sewerage all need to be considered and coordinated. If you are involved in the following - NETcon can meet your electrical design and build requirements:

  • Development of subdivisions

  • Farm improvements

  • Dairy farm conversions

  • Building a new home on a life-style block

  • Building a residential home

  • Industrial developments


Asset Management (Distribution)


NETcon's dedicated teams have extensive experience in the upgrading and replacement of existing assets which includes structure refurbishment, line re-insulation and pole replacement.

Services can include:

  • Gathering the field data

  • Analysis and reporting on life expectancy

  • Develop and price maintenance solutions

  • Complete work and provide comprehensive documentation

Work can be undertaken on the basis of fixed price contracts, service level agreements or a preferred contractor relationship. Events like unplanned outages are dealt with through agreed response times and procedures.

Asset Management (Substations)


NETcon's aim is to work with the client as a solution provider. This allows the asset manager to focus on the next project, knowing that NETcon staff will maintain their assets in a competent and professional manner. Multi disciplined teams of Technicians, Electricians and other trades are available to work on your asset. Work includes:

  • Zone Substation Construction & Maintenance

  • Distribution Substation Scheduled Maintenance

  • HV Cable Testing and Fault Analysis

  • Transformer & HV Switchgear Refurbishment

  • SCADA & Ripple Control System Installation & Maintenance

  • Hydro & Standby Generator Maintenance

NETcon can provide a 24 hour maintenance solution.

Street Light Maintenance


NETcon is contracted to maintain the street lighting network for Timaru and Mackenzie District Councils which includes inspection and installation of lighting facilities along both district's road network and Council properties.

Coordinated by a dedicated team, each job is responded to and dispatched to our competent field teams. 

NETcon has almost completed the upgrading streetlights from ​high-pressure sodium lights to LED which provide better visibility, and are less maintenance and more energy efficient.

Fault Response

NETcon prides itself on responding to power supply faults quickly and efficiently.  Our Fault department services the South Canterbury region including the Mackenzie and Waimate Districts. The Faults team consists of Fault Operators based in Timaru, Tekapo, and Twizel.

Within NETcon the Faults team’s main task is to operate switch gear and isolate equipment for work on and around power lines.

The team also disconnects vacant installations, and reconnects power to houses if requested by the retailer.

Technical Services


With many years' experience, NETcon have provided a comprehensive range of specialist skills and technical services including:

  • Power Analysis

  • High Voltage System Installation & Maintenance

  • Telemetry & SCADA Systems Design, Installation & Maintenance

  • Protection Systems Installation & Maintenance

  • Generation System Maintenance

  • Certified Metering Installation & Auditing

  • Cable Fault Location